Crestor® (rosuvastatin calcium)

Make healthy choices when eating out

Whether you're eating a quick meal while on the go, celebrating an occasion with friends, or just trying out a new restaurant, eating away from home can be a challenge. To help you enjoy a healthy meal when dining out, you can ask your server if they have menu choices for special diets. Many restaurants will have selections for vegetarians, and even show heart–healthy or reduced–fat options on the menu. Or, you can ask if they can substitute ingredients or prepare the dish you want differently—like having vegetables steamed instead of stir-fried. Restaurants are often willing to accommodate requests.

A review of the menu reveals what the restaurant currently has in the kitchen. Look over the starter section and the entrées to select your main meal options. Consider the following:

  • Order a green salad with a low-fat dressing served on the side.
  • Choose grilled, baked, or broiled items and avoid fried food.

Many fast-food restaurants can handle your special dietary requests, too. Ask to leave off fatty sauces and serve dressings on the side. Many popular chains offer salads and baked chicken options. Check out the menus at the fast-food restaurants near you and choose to eat at those with the best menu options.

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